Common Cents Consignment
219 Main Street, Spencer    304.927.4377

1. Make an appointment for your first time for us to see if you have items we are interested in consigning. Bring as many  pre sorted items as you wish, but you must have at least 10 accepted items to start an account. (Accounts with less than 10 items face $10 up front fee if you still wish to start an account).


2. PRESORT AND PREPARE your items for consignment following these guidelines:


          *On Hangers, OR lay completely flat- NO folding and stack clothing on top of each other in a box or laundry basket.   We will not accepted bagged or folded clothing.

            *Freshly washed
, wrinkle free, smoke and odor free, NO pet hair

          *Only gently worn, name brand clothing is accepted

          *Styles purchased new within the past TWO years,  we also accepted vintage and unique items

          *Shoes must be in excellent condition, name brands, and clean

          *WE DO NOT accepted yard sale left over's- CONSIDER us FIRST- save your time use us first

     `     *Spring and Summer items Feb to June   *Fall and Winter July to Dec       
             *Formals Jan-Mar (less than 2 years old)

Clothing is displayed 2 months and marked down 1/2 after the first month. We see 1000's of pieces of clothing and only accept the "cream of the crop", clothing is plentiful, do not be offended  if we can not use your items, for best results follow the guidelines mentioned above in selecting clothing for your appointment.



          *Clean, complete working order, Free of yard sale stickers

          *Curtains and Bedding must be freshly washed, on hangers, and sizes labeled

          *Baby furniture must be lass than 3 years old and safe

          *Small toys bagged together in clear bags, stuff toys laundered if needed

Items will be displayed as space permits. Please call ahead for large furniture items, we do not accepted large appliances or gas powered items(such as a lawnmower). If you have higher priced items such as antiques, Fenton, or Furniture,  and want to pick up the items that do not sell, you must ask for a Drop off receipt at the time of consignment. Items under $10 stay out as space allows, over $10 same schedule as clothing.


We do not itemize pay outs. If the consignor wishes to pick up unsold items at the end of consignment, they are responsible for finding their own items. Pricing and reductions are at the discretion of the store.


3. PICK UP YOUR MONEY. Money is ready for pick up on the first day of every month for sales of the prior month. You will receive 1/2 the selling price. A $3 fee per month is deducted from active accounts. Pay outs over 12 month old become the property of the store.


4. CONSIGN AGAIN using our convenient Drop and Run System (for existing consignors only- drop off any day, just allow 5-10 minutes for us to return to you an unaccepted items) or make additional appointments.

How to Become a Consignor
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